Praxis goes beyond the underwhelming recommendations to treat injuries with “R.I.C.E.” when injured, or “exercise more, eat less” when overweight. Our clinic provides therapies that facilitate increased mobility as well as structured programs using evidence based exercises that are safe and effective. With increased activity tolerance and subsequent stamina, we lower patients all cause risk for morbidity and mortality and increase quality of life. This may mean avoiding having to start new medication for some, or decreasing medication use for others.

Praxis PRM primarily supports two patient problems with overlapping solutions including those with soft tissue and joint disease, and those with metabolic syndrome.

Soft tissue and joint disease patients are specifically treated with PRP injections, dry needling, and strength training.

Metabolic patients are treated with exercise programs utilizing High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) principals, resistance training, and nutrition counseling.

Praxis does not participate in Medicare or other third party re-reimbursement.
Patients may be able to submit expenses towards their insurance deductible. Patients should be able to use their FSA’s as well.