Praxis provides a unique approach to healthcare that restores and maintains an active lifestyle, decreases chronic disease, and improves well being.

Chronic pain, chronic injuries, metabolic syndromes, and fatigue decrease activity levels and increase risk for downstream health problems. The traditional model of healthcare in the US often lacks the tools and integration of fragmented interventions that patients seek for meaningful improvements in health and quality of life.

Real Solutions for Everyday Issues

Metabolic Rehabilitation

Type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and obesity, are closely linked diseases collectively called metabolic syndrome. With a common underlying feature of insulin resistance, these diseases are stubborn to treat with medication and the western lifestyle. Fortunately, improvements in nutrition and physical activity can have powerful impacts on restoring your body’s endocrine function. We create sustainable nutrition and exercise programs that decrease risks for disease and improve quality of life.

Trigger Point Therapy

Tight muscle? Knot? Pinched Nerve? Head aches? Low back pain? Trigger point injections are very effective at alleviating many of your musculoskeletal pains. Some trigger points may be injected using syringe with local anesthetic or anti-inflamitory medication however most trigger points respond well to a “dry needle” that is a sterile single use acupuncture needle that has no medication in it.

PRP Injections

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) is a concentration of platelets that is injected to promote healing at a site of soft tissue injury such as tendonitis, a sprain, or a torn muscle. Connective tissue injuries are often slow to heal and prone to re-injury in part because of limited circulation and aggregation of platelets at the time of injury. PRP delivers a concentration of growth factors and cytokines signals that can improve circulation to the injury and activate the immune system to accelerate tissue repair.

I wish I would have had the PRP technique available in my athletic trainer toolbox! As a former athletic trainer in the NFL and NBA I envision how PRP could have increased longevity of the athletes under my care and their long-term mobility.

I experienced treatment with Bowman Beeman, CNP, and Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy. I cannot say enough positives or give enough accolades to his treatment and care.

Frank C.

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